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Judicial Group

Arbitration Practice
Criminal Defence Practice
General Jurisdiction Practice
Bankruptcy Practice

Arbitration Practice

Arbitration practice experts plead criminal cases4, cases about economic disputes, and other cases related to performing entrepreneurial and other economic activity. For questions related to the arbitration practice at Moscow Law Bureau ANDREEVS and PARTNERS you may contact Mikhail G. Korobitsyn.

The arbitration practice’s main areas are:

  • Property disputes (including non-fulfilment of obligations under a contract, disputes on rights to real estate and other property, indemnification and unjust enrichment);
  • Non-property disputes (including with respect to intellectual property);
  • Corporate disputes (including defence against corporate seizure);
  • Administrative disputes related to organizations and citizens’ performance of entrepreneurial and other economic activity, including contesting regulatory acts on taxation, customs regulation, placement of orders for goods procurement; and the performance of works and the rendering of services for state and municipal needs and more;
  • Recovery of obligatory payments and sanctions;
  • Appeal of non-regulatory acts, decisions, and actions (or failure to act) of state authorities, local authorities, other bodies, and officials;
  • Enforcement proceedings;
  • Other cases related to economic disputes and other cases connected with carrying out entrepreneurial and other economic activity.


Criminal Defence Practice

Attorneys in the criminal legal defence practice plead criminal cases6, defending suspected and accused persons; they also ensure the rights and representation of legal interests of witnesses and other persons involved in the criminal legal proceedings. For questions related to the criminal defence practice at Moscow Law Bureau ANDREEVS and PARTNERS you may contact Ruslan D. Lisitsyn.

The main areas for the criminal defence practice are defending the interests of persons suspected or accused of economic crimes against an individual, state power, public security, and public order.

For convenience, legal assistance in criminal cases may be divided into the following categories:

  • Legal analysis of procedural documents, evaluation of the investigation, and preparation of a defence; consultations on issues related to criminal law and criminal procedure;
  • Representation of individuals and legal entities during the preliminary “pre-investigative" examination;
  • Defence during the preliminary investigation and in all judicial instances beginning with suspicion and accusation—regardless of the nature or complexity of the crime;
  • Defence in court during sentencing;
  • Representation of rights and legal interests of the victim during the preliminary investigation and in all judicial instances;
  • Filing and prosecution of a civil suit in a criminal case; defence against a civil suit;
  • Service as attorney for a witness in separate investigative actions;
  • Preparation of complaints, motions, and other procedural documents without being involved in a criminal case.


General Jurisdiction Practice

Specialists in the general jurisdiction practice plead their clients’ cases8 of breached or contested rights, freedoms and legal interests in disputes arising from civil, family-, labour-, housing-, land-, ecological, and other legal relationships. For questions related to the general jurisdiction practice at Moscow Law Bureau ANDREEVS and PARTNERS you may contact Anastasia N. Makarova.

The general jurisdiction practice’s main areas are:

  • Debt recovery;
  • Defence of consumer rights or defence of the rights of service providers or suppliers;
  • Divorce suits, separation of property, recovery of alimony, determination of the terms of child visitation, and other domestic proceedings;
  • Probate;
  • Defence of individual unalienable rights and freedoms;
  • Appeal of insurance company decisions;
  • Appeal of non-regulatory acts made by state authorities (except decisions by tax authorities);
  • Labour disputes;
  • Housing disputes;
  • Land disputes;
  • Special proceedings, including cases on the establishment of legal facts;
  • Administration of enforcement proceedings.


Bankruptcy Practice

Bankruptcy practice experts deal with separate projects in bankruptcy, where the debtors are incapable of satisfying creditors’ monetary claims and (or) performing their duty to make mandatory payments; they also plead court cases10 and represent the rights and legal interests of certain persons, participating in bankruptcy cases. For questions related to the bankruptcy practice at Moscow Law Bureau ANDREEVS and PARTNERS you may contact Mikhail G. Korobitsyn.

The bankruptcy practice’s main areas are:

  • Legal support for a debtor's operations while taking steps to prevent insolvency (bankruptcy);
  • Preparation and planning for bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Participation in the examination of bankruptcy cases in arbitration court;
  • Litigation of a debtor's transactions;
  • Representation of the rights and legal interests of persons or parties during every stage of a bankruptcy trial: discovery, financial recovery, external management, the bankruptcy proceedings, and an amicable agreement;
  • Legal work to recover money in order to "fill" the bankrupt estate;
  • Legal organization of creditors’ activity/meeting of a creditors committee;
  • Legal interaction with the executor;
  • Streamlined bankruptcy.