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Corporate Practice
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Client Practice

Client practice experts render legal support for financial, economic, entrepreneurial, and other statutory activity carried out by organizations and individual entrepreneurs. In addition to being involved in the specialized client practice, the majority of the judicial groups attorneys from the Bureaus arbitration and bankruptcy practices provide legal support for clients activities. For questions related to the client practice at Moscow Law Bureau ANDREEVS and PARTNERS you may contact Andrei N. Andreev.

The client practices main areas are:

  • Oral and written consultations on legal issues.
  • Analysis and construction of business legal models.
  • Legal review of company activity for a specific period.
  • Analysis and recommendations regarding the performance of a companys internal work flow.
  • Drawing up of contracts, agreements, orders, claims, minutes, acts, and other legal documents.
  • Carrying out legal analysis of the documents submitted by the client.
  • Participation in negotiations with other parties.
  • Conduct of the clients business, including preparation for general meetings and the registration of decisions.
  • Participation on the clients side in audits by state authorities and the provision of other legal communication with state and municipal authorities.
  • Filing of claims.

Court representation of the clients rights and legal interests and legal assistance in criminal proceedings are exceptions to the rule.


Corporate Practice

Corporate practice experts render legal assistance to the Bureaus clients in state registration of legal entities and in the introduction of amendments to state and corporate registers, as well as in registering and executing transactions (including those involving real estate, equity, and shares), obtaining various kinds of permits (licenses), and enrolling clients in self-regulating organizations.

For questions related to corporate practice at the Moscow Law Bureau ANDREEVS and PARTNERS you may contact Kirill V. Fedotov.

The corporate practices main areas are:

  • Carrying out comprehensive legal due diligence of a companys founding and operations;
  • Registration of non-commercial organizations and business associations;
  • Registration of amendments related to their introduction to the entitys founding documents, including changes in name and location; and registration of amendments unrelated to their introduction into the legal entitys founding documents, for example, a change of director general;
  • Preparation of individual sets of documents for registering a legal entity, including a charter, articles of association, minutes of a general meeting, orders, etc.;
  • Legal assistance in opening settlements account, ordering a seal, obtaining certificates (notifications) from funds;
  • Legal support for transactions related to the alienation of shares in limited liability companies and shares in joint-stock companies;
  • Registration of issues of sharesthe initial offering and additional issues; registration of share placement reports and consultation while drawing up a shareholder register;
  • Reorganization or liquidation of organizations (legal support);
  • Legal support for real estate transactions (sale and purchase, donation, adjustment, agreement on division of property, rent, mortgage, etc.) and their registration;
  • Legal support for state registration of rights and encumbrances on real estate, including preparing for real estate purchases and the registration of rights to partially-constructed real estate;
  • Obtaining statements from the Unified State Register of Enterprises, cadastral passports, and other documents for real estate accounting;
  • Legal support for trademark registration and trademark transactions (license agreements and alienation contracts).


Tax Consulting

Specialists in the tax consulting practice render legal assistance to their clients with respect to the accrual and payment of taxes and duties in the Russian Federation; relationships stemming from a tax audit; appealing the actions of tax authorities; the actions (or failure to act) of their officers; and holding them responsible for tax violations.

For questions related to the corporate practice at Moscow Law Bureau ANDREEVS and PARTNERS you may contactAndrei N. Andreev..

The tax consulting practices main areas are:

  • Consultations on tax law and legal support issues; explanation of preventive measures to protect the clients interests from claims made by tax authorities;
  • Consultation and recommendations concerning tax optimization, including: tax planning, tax policy development, and the investigation and implementation of the selected tax accounting system;
  • Representation of the clients interests during on- and offsite tax audits;
  • Substantiation of position in disputes with tax authorities;
  • Preparation of written objections to acts from tax audits and their justification to the tax authority;
  • Appeal of acts and decisions made by tax authorities and the actions (or failure to act) of officials with the higher tax authorities;
  • Preparation and submission to the court of applications to appeal decisions made by tax authorities;
  • Tax cases in courts of all instances.

Criminal defence for tax crimes is offered by the criminal legal defence practice.