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The Moscow Law Bureau ANDREEVS and PARTNERS was registered on February 19, 2003, one of the first law offices in Moscow after the Federal Law “On advocacy and the legal profession in the Russian Federation” entered force.

The Bureau was founded by attorneys A. N. Andreev and R. D. Lisitsyn.

The Bureau’s first areas of business were defence in criminal cases and legal advice for individuals in regular courts.


The Bureau has “taken the direction” of business advocacy. We employ experts in economic disputes in arbitration courts and regular courts. In general, the Bureau works closely with several audit companies through the year, providing judicial support for their clients.


he Bureau moves to the office in Sokolniki. A client practice was opened to support legal entities’ business activities.


The Bureau’s main area of business in this period is legal support of a hockey club, a children’s sports school, and a group of sports organisations. At the same time, the Bureau actively continues assisting in criminal cases and economic litigation.


A period of active development for the Bureau. New areas of business for the Bureau were introduced: legal assistance in the field of customs and legal support for real estate construction. The satellite office in the Odintsovsky district of the Moscow Region was opened, specializing in supporting construction.


In connection with the Bureau’s expanding fields of business, practices for corporate and bankruptcy law were established. The Bureau’s attorneys protected clients against several raiding seizures. Successful legal defence was made (resulting in acquittals) in several major, multi-episode criminal cases in the field of business, shaping the subsequent legal practice.


A number of major projects in the field of bankruptcy were realised. The Bureau’s present-day structure took shape.


The fields for the client practice are expanding: in addition to the construction business, they include sale/ purchase of premium real estate, electrical power, and the production of precious metals and gems.

The Moscow Law Bureau ANDREEVS and PARTNERS has also begun offering arbitration attorneys in various regions of the Russian Federation during this period. In the course of the year, court trials are held in Vladimir, Nizhni Novgorod, Tula, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Stavropol, Sochi, and other regions of the Russian Federation.

More and more, the Bureau’s clients are not only Russian companies, but foreign companies as well.